Oct 28, 2020
Ekhein (All reviews)
This manga is literally a life lesson, an episodic with amazing chapters that link together with great characters that develop tremendously. The manga's ambiguous philosophies give a great moral didactic value to the manga and make it enjoyable teaching about many things with its pleasant pace.

It's a manga that nudges your ideals a little bit about many things and makes you rethink what you believe, and this interaction indirectly makes it incredible.

The protagonist teacher, a character of excellent quality, has an incredible development, while helping students to be better, or sometimes, be themselves; he is also human. He also fails, cries, stumbles, loses, suffers, and the manga makes a point of showing it in an emotional way humanizing this man who changes lifes. A man who is way more than a teacher, he's like a friend or a guardian angel, who tends to bless those who cross his path.

Its other characters, more specifically, the class, are also very good, their ideals shape the whole plot and each one of them evolves, are interesting and really have a well-thought-out story. The cool thing is the fact that everything connects and they appear normally, with paths meeting.

Its art is consistent and masterfully conveys the emotions that it wants to bring, with some exaggerations here and there, but still very emotional and heart touching; its dialogues are rich in moral knowledge and its story is fantastic. An absolute masterpiece.