Apr 15, 2011
ZeroEnigma (All reviews)
You've just had your lunch money stolen for the eighth time this week, your Dad's out on a 'business trip', and Rage Against the Machine isn't around for you to pour your angst into today. Welcome to the 90's, jerk face. Sit your ass down on that water-bed, slide this burnt VHS you got from Gerald on into the TV, and experience a journey into the most fantastic slice of storytelling gold since Tolkien, Lucas, and Henson got together to create Lord of The Star Labyrinth. Oh, they didn’t? TOO BAD MD GEIST TIME.

1. THE STORY: I’m not going to ruin anything for you, but Geist shrugs narrative structure of yesteryear because, well, it is too bad ass for that. Bam! People are dying! Bam! Welcome to Fist of the North Star minus ATATATATATA. Bam! Geist is naked, and you know he’s the hero, because he’s the hardest dude around.
See, MD Geist achieves something most anime can’t even dream of. Exposition is for the weak. You see Geist, and you know Geist. Appearances are what makes this, and you don’t need some family history to let you know anything, okay? The story is like an eight-course-meal when you only ordered seven. It’s so much, and all you can do is accept it, because, secretly, you wanted it all along. It comes naturally, and isn’t hard to stomach in the least.
Otherwise, Geist presents several glimpses at dystopian post-apocalypse society, questions the superficiality that the movie indoctrinates us to (OH, MIND BLOWN, RIGHT?), and even constructs masculinity in such a way that has us wondering at the end if our drive for power—which is greater than sex—will ultimately destroy us. Amazing. Potent. Far beyond what any moe~moe or typical shonen could hope to ever achieve.

2. THE ART: Not a single frame is wasted in the rich portrayal of Geist’s Most Dangerousocity. You see, back in the nineties/late eighties, there was this idea that people should look, well, like people, and tech should look like tech, and everything should be this detailed, amazing experience. This gave life a meaning, because you could take a break from the dreary ad nauseam of reality and escape into this believable, hyper-realistic, super-awesome world of beauty, blood, and intrigue. The designs for the robots, suits, weapons, and characters are so top-notch, well done, and just fun to see. It’s all like imagination made real, like what anime should aspire to. Nothing is left to imagination—Fire is fire. Blood is blood. Geist is a man. Bishoujos go home. As I mentioned earlier, the art even mirrors an ever present question throughout the plot: Nothing is what it seems. The Charismatic Hero? He’s actually Geist. The Scandalous Babe? She’s actually a weak woman, wishing only to be loved. See, characters are far more complex than what’s exterior, and the way that looks play into the plot mirrors the murkier aspects of society.

3. SOUND: Despite the dub of this being made of gold, I’m going to tell you to watch this subbed. Why? Norio Wakamoto is Geist, the most powerful man in the universe. If you don’t know Norio, well, he’s the most powerful seiyuu in the universe. But, hey, if that isn’t enough, this OVA also features the most inspiration, well-made tune in anything, ever. If you haven’t heard Merciless Soldier, time for infinite Youtube. Because you’ll want to listen to it more than once. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised that Norio got his voice from being inspired by that song.

4. CHARACTER: Geist is the Most Dangerous. I don’t need to say anything else. Honestly, if Char Aznable grew a pair and became the most dynamic wastelander with a purpose, you’d have a weakling version of Geist, who is, essentially, this dual character of Christ and the Antichrist. Reborn in flames, making this journey, purging the sinful… Think about it, man.

5. ENJOYMENT: There is not a single second of this that isn’t amazing. At one point, Geist guns out this robot’s window and stabs the pilot in the face. WITH A GRENADE ATTATCHED TO THE KNIFE! Hardcore doesn’t begin to describe what’s going on here. Every movement is so quick, so amazing, and so unlike the last. Geist’s journey becomes our own, and it’s an amazing adventure, allowing escape from the corrupt politics of the early 90’s and into a world where those same politics are shut up by a jack-knife to the face.

6. OVERALL: MD Geist is one of those rare masterpieces that manages to humbly whirl its fingers, sleep through class, and make a solid three-point-five GPA. Geist is a tearful journey through society itself, following what represents unlimited choices, ending in a way that’s never pandering to fans, never giving up on its true intent. If you’re tired of the tedium that is anime nowadays, or, heck, life nowadays, give MD Geist a go. It’ll flip turn upside down your entire forty minutes of life spent worshipping it with your eyeballs. At the least, it’ll transport you to those days of yore, where everything was simpler, strong men fought stronger men, and life was meant to be enjoyed.