Oct 22, 2020
mop (All reviews)
It's like, a mediocre prettyboy thing; the characters are all fine, none of them are TOO generic and the gimmick of each of them being super attractive in theory but not in practice because of their weird personalities is mildly interesting I guess. That being said, it's not particularly funny, or dramatic, or anything, it's just like a 50-minute OVA type thing where some rich girl has these weirdo guys enter a "hot n' talented hunk" competition where they demonstrate their cooking ability, or their ability to jump through hoops and balance a soccer ball on their nose like the dogs on Animal Planet. There's like, a dramatic bit between the butler guy and the rich girl toward the end, but it's just kind of silly and contrived.

Actually, I forgot, the bit where she explains how she's currently in debt because she fell for an e-mail scam was kinda funny. That's the only laugh I remember it getting outta me, though.

Point being, I can't imagine finding this movie to be super great unless you are 1) a teen girl and 2) have seen less than like 50 anime in your life.

Still, it ain't bad. It was fine. Whatever.