Oct 20, 2020
Watame (All reviews)
“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.”

In a nutshell
How much does a hikikomori need to be happy? A warm apartment, where everyone should know to shut the fuck up and to never annoy you, and a stable internet connection, because you should always be able to access the internet and tell everyone how much of douchebags they are. At least, that is a definition of Hyun Cha. His parents die in a car accident and even this does not change his take on life. “Worthless parents, they left me 2.000$. How am I supposed to live like that? So to hell with them.” Hyun Cha even sets the “day X” on his phone, the day when he will finally end this nonsense, called the life. However, he moves in a cheap dormitory that makes him change his world view. What exactly did he see?

After an unexpected family tragedy, a high school student Hyun Cha is forced to leave his home and move into an inexpensive dormitory. Realizing how worthless his life is, thinking the whole world sucks and is nothing but a bunch of nonsense, he decides that it is time to end it all. Comically, before the day of the suicide comes, the world is no more: some unknown disease attacks the humanity, turning people into flesh hungry monsters. However, after some time, the humanity finds more details about the disease:
-nosebleed and faints are the first symptoms of the disease;
-you cannot kill monsters;
-before a person becomes a monster, there is a time window, during which monsters can be killed;
-there is no cure;
-there is no escaping;
-this is the fight to the death between the humanity and the virus.

There are, of course, still many important details about the disease that I have not mentioned yet and they make this disease even more interesting. After all, today we are living in very challenging times, when the world suffers from the COVID-19 pandemic. Many countries, including: the US, Russia, China, as well as other countries develop vaccines to cure the virus, including the DNA vaccines. Do you understand what I am trying to say? Precisely! At times like this, this manhwa is just so awesome to read. But this is not what this review is about. Story wise, Sweet Home is perfect. Though, this is one of these manhwa, where the author leaves many things for the reader to interpret, so be ready for a bit of thinking.

Character wise, this manhwa has many things to offer. Simply because of the fact that there are many characters, they all have their personalities that are also very different and unique and, of course, their development is something you need to see by yourself. What I mean is that how you first see the characters of the manhwa and who they become near the end of it. And this is just awesome. At first, you see some boring and cliché personalities and that makes you underestimate this manhwa. However, the more you read, the more you find out about the story and the characters and, trust me, you will never call them boring. Another thing worth mentioning is that the manhwa does not focus only on the main characters, it also gives more than enough time to shine for the supporting characters: you will read their backstories and find out simply everything you need to know.

Sweet Home is one of the best horror manhwa, I have read. Sweet Home is just like a puzzle. At first, it looks terrible. Little by little, piece by piece, this puzzle becomes better and better. And after the final piece, after the final chapter, you will see how beautiful it is. As I have already mentioned in my review, in this manhwa, many things are left for the reader to decide, you will need to think about many things. If you are ready for it, welcome to the feels train. If such things are not for your liking and you prefer manhwa that explain every single detail to you, I would suggest you to avoid that manhwa. But it is up to you to decide.

With that being said, do read it! It does have a slow start, those who are patient, however, will be rewarded with an amazing story, they will not forget for a long while.