Oct 17, 2020
zhewww (All reviews)
tl;dr, If you liked Death Parade, this'll be an upgraded, HD version of what you watched. This is a much more polished version of the tv series, that honestly makes Death Parade look a lot worse.

There's been plenty about this said already so I'll keep this short. Basically, the animation in this is much more clean. In the show, there's an overall clumsiness to the lines in still shots (wonky eyes, crooked noses, etc), and a sort of faded/blurred look to the colors and lighting. Even the sakuga in the show can sometimes be choppy and a little stiff.

In contrast, Death Billiards has sharp lines, natural movement, and much more creative camera angles and pacing. The way the game panned out felt much more suspenseful than any of the episodes in the original (mostly due to the fact that there was a lot more moving camera shots during the game). Onna was much more expressive in her movement, acting as a much better foil to the unmoving Decim, whose face is shown in a lot of menacing angles better suiting him as an Arbiter.

I know TV shows operate on a different time frame and there have to be limitations in place to be able to release them. But really, the original TV series could've been so much of a stronger show if it had this level of quality throughout.