Oct 17, 2020
veemon23 (All reviews)
If you're a fan of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and also a fan of the movie The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, then I say give this a chance. I won't compared this to the other two, because in my personal opinion, I think the movie was AMAZING! I enjoyed the original work too but that was done by a different studio. So if you watch this, the artwork will be completely different from what you expect.

The plot is pretty decent, it really carries us along mainly by depending on the cast. Since it's a cast we're familiar with, one that you probably only watched because we're all waiting for that third season that may or may never come. Anyways, the characters are mainly the same, except Yuki, which she is portray a little bit different. I had mix feeling about her personally. I didn't love her character in here as much as I did in the movie, where it's her more shy reserved side that's very adorable. I love her in the original too, her cold robot side.

I will say one character who stood out a lot, Ryouko. This is a spoiler kinda, not really... because we all know her in the original as a crazy psychopath who basically tried to kill Kyon. While in the movie... she's the exact same thing lol... but we let our guard down thinking she might be a good person until she stabbed us in the back... like kinda literally lol so I had my guard up thinking on boy... she's about to go crazy Yandere style on us.. but turns out she was actually one of the best character in this anime and I really like her. I was happy to see a new light to her, one where I actually finally can trust her. The others were themselves, as Haruhi is still herself and still awesome as always!

I say, give it a chance, it's not as great as the original, but it's not so terrible as some people have reviewed it to be. It's kinda of a disappointing ending but a good nod to the original though. Endless Night...

If you have nothing else to watch as I did, that's why I picked this up, but if you do... then save this for a rainy day. I won't put it on my top oh you must watch, because I think that belongs to the movie! This is just more of just wanted to see more misadventure of Haruhi!