Oct 17, 2020
Bungo (Manga) add (All reviews)
aokijimodafocka (All reviews)
This is my first review because this manga really doesn't get the love it deserves, Bungo while had an iffy start imo in the first 20 chapters or so where some events without any prior setup were used as backstories however as we go in deep to the baseball aspect it's absolutely fantastic. For now this has been the best baseball manga I've read. I would also not bother with comment section of illegal manga websites, this has a seinen tag and it means it, the most common complaint is at the time skip at chapter 88-90ish. While the timeskip was quite a shock and it did feel a bit jarring, at the same time it was also a very plausible situation which ended hyping Bungo development even better. This review is only for 122 chapters that have been translated and yes only 2 proper games have occured but keep in mind those 2 games have enough material to cover both Diaya no Ace's Act I and II (upto chapter 180ish) so in a way it has very efficient writing instead of kids using the term "it's draggin" on a match over and over again.