Oct 16, 2020
Jacrispy36 (All reviews)
I was super lucky to be able to see this in theaters the day this came out!

Story: 6/10 The story is a continuation of the Demon Slayer Anime that ended last year in 2019, being an adaptation of the Mugen Train Arc. You may recognize the main villain or demon of this arc from the first season, well you did see him. He was the the demon who Muzan had given his blood to, the one who wanted to be tortured. It closely follows the Manga's events, showing off Rengoku using his Sun Breathing Techniques, and all the fights. It feels bloated with fights and not much else, but that's mostly the manga's fault. The movie does play out the emotional scenes quite well. Kimetsu no Yaiba was never big on the story aspect so it will be expected for the movie and any adaptations if they want to stick to the source material.

Art: 10/10: Once again, Studio Ufotable has knocked it out of the park with the breathtaking animation they have. But this time around it's even better with a movie budget. Its so smooth and satisfying that it just draws you in like that. The breathing techniques were the highlight of the First Season, and its the same for here. I have no idea how Studio Ufotable does it. With Tanjirou's breathing, the almost 3d looking camera angles, the fast paced movements, Nezuko's Exploding blood, Zenitsu's lighting, Inouske in all of his glory, its absolutely fantastic.

Sound 7/10: Another amazingly great aspect. At times like that, I love being in a Japanese theater, because everybody is very silent, doesn't laugh at jokes or gasps, its a great expierence. The sound effects are pretty good, with the Voice acting being taken to the next level. But the real highlight in terms of the sound, is the amazing Musical Score. I said it once and I will say it again, Demon Slayer has one of the best orchestrated soundtracks in an Anime that I have ever seen. The low and melancholy piano keys, the tense and sharp violin, the soft and relaxing flute, the haunting chorus, it all comes together to make a amazing score.

Characters: 6/10: Nothing really changed from the first season, with most characters sticking with their personalities. But at times it just feels like the second season of the anime and not a feature length film. I mean, its an exact adaptation so you expect it to be similar to the manga but its very similar to the source material and the previous Season. The constant yelling between the trio is very annoying, like the first season. Even when writing this review, I feel like I'm just reviewing the anime. The only thing that changed was the art but everything stays the same in terms of my thoughts on the anime.

Enjoyment: 8/10: I enjoyed the Demon Slayer Anime, but this, raised the bar even higher, I highly highly highly suggest watching this when it comes out on streaming services. Demon Slayer is shaping up to be another gigantic manga and anime series even if it might not deserve it fully. But if your a big fan of Shonen Jump or the second season, OR even the manga I would suggest watching it. But its not perfect, I think too many people have hyped up Demon Slayer, which can be bad when the ending eventually gets animated, because it will all come crashing down. But still good for the time being.

Overall: 8/10