Oct 15, 2020
Horn_dawg_2019 (All reviews)
J'aime l'oignon frit à l'huile,
J'aime l'oignon car il est bon.
J'aime l'oignon frit à l'huile,
J'aime l'oignon, j'aime l'oignon.

Au pas camarades, au pas camarades,
Au pas, au pas, au pas,
Au pas camarades, au pas camarades,
Au pas, au pas, au pas.

So, the prequel for the sequel of the Grupan Movie that features them BC Freedom High School /French girls haw been shown , ok, ok it was aired on Feb this year, but hey, it was only aired this week.



Pros: I was kinda funny where we see to classes of the BC Freedom High School argue about the food that ordinary student can enjoy.....hence the sub title of the short anime is Taiyaki War. Of course there was that BC Freedom High school student playing Yukari Akiyama.

Cons: I was just tad short.....

Verdict (7 over 10)


Pros: The usual almost panchira moment.

Cons: No panty falshes.

Verdict: 6 over 10)


Pros: Nothing to say.

Cons: Still nothing to say ; cu'z I just don't give a shit as to who did who.

Verdict (5 over 10)


Pros: Given that this was mostly them BC Freedom Girls, IMO, it was kinda nice to see something different, especially when two classes of their school clash on almost everything. Let's face it in the entire Garupan franchise we don't always get see some in fighting within a high school that participated in that "Sensha-do" competition.

Cons: It was just tad short....the anime that is (yeah, I mentioned that already).

Verdict (7 over 10)


Pros: It wasn't that bad...for a prequel anywayz.

Cons: It was just tad short ...the anime that is ( mentioned 3rd time)


Verdict (8 over 10)

3 words and nothing more....."It was funny."