Apr 13, 2011
osukebei (All reviews)
Sick of watching dark themed hentai’s full of blackmail, rape, and coerced sex? Then take a break with Dokidoki Haha Musume Lesson: Oshiete na Obenkyou (Learning the Hard Way) Learning the Hard Way is a light hearted and humrous harem hentai. If you like galges (hentai games) but are too lazy to play, then LtHW is for you.

Atsushi, the protagonist, takes on a tutoring job that his cute sempai, Chidori, recommended. Suddenly he finds himself in sexy situations. Seduced on all fronts by daughters and their mothers, Atsushi makes all the right moves on his way to harem heaven. Despite the lack of originality the story has to offer, LtHW will have you laughing at the ridiculous plots and corny dialog. Nothing like teaching your daughter sex ed. then sucking the tutors cock in front of the daughter. “Way to go mom!” Be warned, there is mother daughter incest, but it’s done rather light heartedly (I don’t know how else to describe it). The story plays like a hentai game on auto pilot with the best possible paths. The best part is that it lands you with the best possible epic harem at the end, with out the worry of choosing the wrong path. Horray! No surprise since it’s based on a hentai game by the same name.

With the exception of the protagonist, each character has a unique personality that’s quite seductive in their own right. LtHW portrays each character fairly well.
Chidori – The sempai whom Atsushi has a long time crush on. She’s the girl-next-door type, friendly and welcoming.
Arisa – She’s the loli type, spunky and a bit air-headed. She’s a bit of a tsundere in that she was a bit rude to Atsushi at first.
Aki – Arisa’s mother. She’s the shy but horny house wife that doesn’t know how to express her feelings. She masturbates with vegetables in the kitchen as Arisa and her tutor get it on upstairs in her bedroom.
Nami – The aggressive seductive house wife #2. With short hair, dark skin, and a hypnotic cleavage, she’ll unzip your pants and put your cock in her mouth faster than you can say “blow job”.
Maya – Daughter of Nami, she’s the shy type with glasses. Somewhat of a bookworm, she is shown the ropes of sex ed. by her mom.
Epic orgy ensues.

The art and animation is not bad. Design wise the characters look good with enlarged eyes and prominent nipples. There is a cup size for every taste, from big ones to small. The animation is pretty standard for hentai these days, although I must say, there are some odd angles and repetitive frames. Also the “hotdog” penis is a bit out of style I think, but the privates are fairly detailed. Warning: There is a lot of virgin blood.

Voice acting is great. They really captured each character with “moeness”. The squish watery noises were right on. I really dig the BGM. It reminds me of 80’s porn.

I found LtHW to be quite enjoyable. Honestly, not the greatest fap material, but certainly didn’t feel like I wasted my time. For light hearted humor, an epic harem, and a few cheap laughs, Learning the Hard Way certainly delivers on its part.