Oct 13, 2020
Truck-Kun1 (All reviews)
This Little series was a slice of life about a Hero tasked by God to defeat the Devil. Upon the defeat of the devil he was to take care of 12 Kids that made up the devil and raise them to be good. The story itself is very simple, which to me is fine, Though i think it could have gone into a bit more depth. The Art is pretty good, all the devils have different designs and they are all very cute looking. The Characters can be a bit tricky do to a lack of color, but they are cute. The Overall series is meant to be a slice of life and not too complicated to follow, as a slice of life it does a good job, but i do think they could have had a bit more development of the devils, they could have done with a few more unique backdrops and maybe they could have stretched it just a bit longer. Overall the series is not meant to be a Manga juggernaut, it is meant to be something that may peak your interest and to entertain you, it is a fun little series to read and i recommend it not only because of that, but because it is very easy to pick up the full series for about $50-$60