Oct 13, 2020
robert788 (All reviews)
Tsugumomo OVA (2020)

A pure ecchi episode that shows the cowardliness of the MC whilst he climaxes in various situations. That is effectively what we have here and yes the MC has gone Ichika Orimura on us effectively to an extent. Where he differs is that he wants to do it but says he doesn't want to change their relationship. He says this but has had a climax on various girls various times in the show. He should embrace them, especially Kiriha.

Oh, and nipples have made an appearance here too in a more visual way.

Art is the same as ever just more polished but in keeping with the previous design for a later year.

Sound is good fun and goes very nicely with the OVA.

Characters do not develop as such just provides more context to what we already know. I wasn't sure before on how cowardly the MC was but this confirms it. He does seem to be playing a pretty good game of ignorance whilst getting it all though. The rest of the girls all seem pretty easy too with how willing they are to go with it all.
One notable comment made is the lack of NTR is spoken by a few characters in the show so far from the main show and here which is funny since much of the situations are exactly that by intent I presume as a subtle way of mentioning it.

It is a pretty enjoyable OVA from a show that was never serious, to begin within 22 minutes or so.