Oct 8, 2020
Shellshock123 (All reviews)
The story is laid out similar to Tsuzere Children. Being about multiple couples and depending on the couples its either about the chase, the date aspect or sometimes just confusing. There are 4 couples in this story. I don't remember there names so this is how i will refer to them: Couple 1: shota and JK. Couple 2: Ossan and Cat, Couple 3: Princess and Butler. Couple 4: Man and woman. Basically some or both of them remember there past lives and try to find there lover in modern time.

The series does an excellent job of showcasing the romantic tension between the characters. The only one that was visibly weaker than the rest was Ossan and the Cat. The reason being the rest had something to lose whilst Ossan and the Cat was just something that felt filler (albeit cute filler) before it reached its end. The Shota was like 4 years younger than the JK and had to try extra hard to seem more like a man rather than just a little brother. He remembered his past life but the JK didn't. This one was probably my favorite one. The romance was awkward and cute while simultaneously using the past lives, the romantic tension being genuinely beautiful. I also liked the Man and Woman. They didn't like each other in there past lives and always fought while in the present the Man remembers and is desperately hoping Woman doesn't remember because he had always liked her. Now he's scared that the Woman will remember her past lives and she will go back to hating him again. If you've ever been exposed to romance before you'll know exactly where this is going. The Princess and Butler is one where both remember there previous lives. Originally the Princess was in love with the Butler and she still is. But the Butler still believes himself to be a mere servant. So you have a social class difference. The last one being the Cat and Ossan. The Cat was a cat in her previous life and the Ossan was an old man in his previous life. The cat was the old man's pet but now the cat has reincarnated into a JK and the old man has reincarnated into her teacher. They have been friends since childhood so both the parents want them to bone. Its also the weakest romance out of the 4 because unlike the other 3 that use past lives as a way to bring romantic tension the Ossan and Cat is just not happening because they are teacher and student. Also the Cat remembers her past lives so she keeps trying to sleep with the Ossan.

This series isn't really complicated. Its not even that long. Each Volume being about 120 pages long. But why did this series have a lasting impression? Honestly the wholesomeness. It's been quite a long time since i've been just this happy (reading a manga). Me smiling over small weird mishaps. Romantic interactions and in general art combined with blushing moments i think are just amazing.

There is always something that will bring a smile to your face and really thats all you need. I was bit skeptical at first but i think this series really did a good job. Its never was trying to aim for something big. Instead just trying to place the 4 main couples and wanting you to enjoy the ride. Its not a masterpiece or anything but it is entertaining enough that it hooks you in and makes you want to keep reading. I do wish though the author gave us a bit more. I also didn't really like how the romantic tension was resolved. It should have been more difficult. If you are going to go out of your way to bake a pie at least try to make it good. Don't just give up mid way.

TLDR: Good series. Not deep though but plays its strength hard enough to be something special. 7/10