Apr 9, 2011
DarkD1 (All reviews)
With this being cancelled I have to retract my recommendation to read it. The rest of the review after this paragraph is unchanged. This manga was canceled. The scanlators finished working through the first arc of the series so you can see probably get a decent fix of the manga. It didn't have enough of a catch to addict you so it shouldn't be a major problem that the series was canned. I think the problem with the series was the characters as the characters other than the main protagonist were poorly developed. I personally didn't like their character art, but that's subjective.

While I am definitely impressed with this manga you can still see it hasn't found its footing yet. Think back to the beginning of one piece compared to what its like right now. Don't get me wrong I am excited to read this manga and I definitely recommend you read it. Its friggen hilarious and the rabbit is awesome. What i'm saying is that the manga is still evolving and right now you can see that its an Triple A concept, but it doesn't have a story line to back it up yet.


Hana wants to reboot her image as a failure by doing what she's always wanted to do, which is work with animals. Little does she know that the owner is a cursed rabbit with the maturity of a 5 year old and equipped with super powers at that. Shiina is the owner of the zoo and he was cursed as a child to become a magical rabbit, and to break the curse, he has to make the worlds greatest zoo.


There isn't really much of a story so far. Shiina is cursed and is trying issue by issue to break the curse by throwing all the work onto Hana. We've had one serious enemy, but I don't see a continuation on that story line given the way it ended. This is where the manga needs work, I can't help but feel that the story needs something more.

Character: 8/10

I would gladly give the character element a 10/10 but quite frankly they haven't been developed enough. They are such a creative and fun idea that I definitely want to rate them highly, but theres not really much character development yet.

Theres not much of a backstory to any of the characters. If the mangaka worked a little bit harder on the characters background I can't help but think it would give direction to the story as well.

The characters themselves are rather fun. Or at least the rabbit makes up for all the rest of the characters. He's funny, compassionate, egotistical, and above all surprising. Because of his rabbit face, all of his emotions show up beautifully on his face in very creative manners which is probably his most lovable aspect.

Art: 10/10

C'mon, theres a reason humanoid rabbits are such a loved character in movies and tv. THEY ARE FRIGGEN AWESOME CHARACTERS!!! The art I couldn't be happier with. As long as they have up to date graphics I give them an 8, if they have well drawn characters then they get a 9, if they have some funny original concept added to them then they get a 10.

Enjoyment: 8/10

A result of the poor characters and story evolutions. Fix those and I will be happy to raise the score here.

Overall: 8/10

Pick it up. I think even girls can enjoy this manga. Its not so much about action as it is about the concept. Anyone can appreciate a genius concept like this one.