Sep 25, 2020
Anthony_64 (All reviews)
Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! is a very varied comedy anime with touches of romance in some scenes. With the above I want to clarify that this anime is not about Uzaki's breasts, so you should not fear ending up seeing something regrettable or sexualized.

Story / Plot: 7/10

Shinichi Sakurai is a university student, who spends all his days alone enjoying the peace and quiet... or so it should be, until Hana Uzaki, her cute, but annoying kōhai, appeared, who refuses to leave him alone and wants enjoy time with him by constantly having fun and bothering him, going out to all kinds of places and living situations of all kinds with him.

Characters / Personalities: 8/10

Shinichi Sakurai who is 20 years old, is the main protagonist, he is a third-grade student at the university, a part-time worker in a cafe and a lover of silence and tranquility. He is an introvert, diligent and relentless, as well as rude, but only with Hana Uzaki, who continually teases him. As for his physique, he is quite tall, measuring 180 cm, he has "poor" eyes and a bad face that Uzaki makes fun of, he also has a toned body, since he enjoys playing sports and exercising, it is worth mentioning that he played baseball for one year and in high school I was part of the swimming club.

Hana Uzaki who is 19 years old, but then turns 20, is the main protagonist, a second grader at the same university as Shinichi Sakurai who also works part-time in the same cafe as Sakurai and is someone who just wants to have fun. She has an energetic, cheerful, confident and generally playful personality, that is to say, the opposite of Sakurai, who likes to tease and embarrass him, with him she generally behaves like a girl. Regarding her physique, she is relatively short, measuring 150 cm in height, she has silver hair, large blue eyes, a "fang" in the upper left part of her mouth (it is curiously the same color as her skin) and a bust pretty big. By the way, she is not good at sports that require intense exercise and endurance.

Ami Asai who is 21 years old, is the daughter of Akihiko Asai and a fourth-grade college student. She is a very calm girl, who enjoys observing the interactions of others and has a fetish for the muscles of the boys. By the way, she wants to bring Sakurai and Hana together, but she doesn't like to intervene too much in their relationship and really enjoys seeing how they interact. Regarding her appearance, she has a height of 160 cm, dark purple hair, a hair clip in her left and right bangs, and red glasses that she wears at all times.

Itsuhito Sakaki who is 21 years old, is a third-year college student and a handsome boy who is quite popular with girls. At first glance Sakaki seems like someone nice and calm, but this is just a facade, since in reality he is calculating and meddlesome, as seen by wanting to unite Sakurai and Uzaki just like Ami, but intervening more than her and generating situations for They interact, even if he must use a lot of money, which does not affect him because his parents are rich. His appearance as I mentioned, is that of a handsome boy, he has a height similar to Sakurai, blue eyes and blond hair.

Akihiko Asai, is the head of the cafe where Sakurai, Hana and their daughter Asumi work, with whom she usually entertains herself by observing the other two interacting. Apart from the above, not much is known about him and he is only seen working in the cafe. Regarding his appearance, he is a middle-aged man (51 years old), with gray hair, a mustache of the same color and glasses that are also gray.

Tsuki Uzaki, Uzaki's mother and an overprotective woman with her daughter. She is quite calm and gentle-looking, but despite this she has a strange relationship with Sakurai, due to various misunderstandings that make her think that he is going after her body, so she generally feels insecure or scared when Sakurai is around, likewise, his eyes scare her too. Her appearance, despite being 43 years old, is that of someone young and small, since like her daughter her height is short, her hair is silver, her bust is large and her eyes are blue, which, by the way, almost always kept closed.

Something extra that I must mention and that is a plus point in the aspect of the characters, is that all the Seiyū of the program did an excellent job, thus giving very nice and wonderful voices to all the characters.

Animation / Atmosphere: 9/10

The studio in charge of bringing this anime to television is ENGI, which is probably not well known, since it has only produced two anime, Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! and Hataage! Kemono Michi, but even so, it is still good and these two anime have a medium-high quality, which sometimes becomes completely high.

First there is the setting, which is excellent and quite realistic, in it you can see incredible detail in all objects no matter how far away they are. Additionally, the above is a great positive point, as it makes the program pleasant to watch and generates greater enjoyment.

As for the design of the characters, this is somewhat simple if we compare it with the quality of the setting, but the design is really not bad and that is what an anime of this genre would be expected, I should also mention that sometimes there are very "static" scenes, where there is not much movement on the part of the characters and they are mostly dialogues.

Sound: 9/10

In this aspect, despite not having much variety in terms of sound, the existing one is quite good, it is also important to mention that without the need for background sound at all times, the comic scenes are not affected by this and continue being quite funny or at least lively.

Now I will go on to talk about the opening theme (Nadame Sukashi Negotiation), which in a few words can be defined as fun, happy, exciting and catchy. To tell the truth, the rhythm and the voice of the singers is excellent, so much so that, I think that anyone who has heard the opening theme just once is already able to recognize it wherever they hear it. As for the background video, I must say that it is perfect and combines completely with the anime, in the same way throughout it they show us all the characters, but mainly Sakurai and Uzaki in many mini-situations that in themselves are quite funny.

On the other hand, there is the ending theme (Kokoro Knock) which, unlike the opening theme, maintains a calmer rhythm, but which as it progresses becomes animated and, in a few words, I would define it as calm, peaceful and encouraging. To tell the truth, like the opening theme, this one manages to convey a feeling with ease, since normally the anime maintains an atmosphere of joy and fun, but at the end, the shock of said joy with the strange feeling of "loneliness "Or" peace "that generates and transmits the ending theme, it may stir you up a bit inside, but in the end you will end up, at least, with a tear in your eye wishing this story would never end or with a big, full smile of hope.

Enjoy: 10/10

In short, this anime can be enjoyed by almost anyone, since apart from the excellent sense of humor, the anime maintains an atmosphere and sound that are a perfect accompaniment and that is summarized in that you will spend a pleasant, contrary to what others say regarding this one. I should also mention that in terms of the characters, these are somewhat different from the usual ones, so most of them may find them pleasant and somewhat “new”.

Here ends my review, thank you very much for reading it and I hope it has been helpful, but more importantly that you enjoyed it. Any kind of comment do not hesitate to do it on my profile, I will respond as soon as possible.

Have a happy day.