Sep 20, 2020
NolifeOtakuGod (All reviews)
since no1 has made a review of this yet ill be the first i quess :P

well lets make it short it seems like the ``anime`` did not skip alot
of the events happening in the manga or novel so thats already
pretty nice :o

the beginning of when tang san entered clear sky sect
is different from the manga as far as we know the serounding area
and the event of what happened after entering the sect

the artstyle of tang-san after the transformation
looks badass in both the anime and manga they nailed it straight up
same goes for xiaowu they also made her look alot beter in the anime
then i would expect from them

they also nailed the new opening song from the anime (douluo dalu season 2 opening 3 ) the person who was singing it ``Angela Zhang`` did a really good job doing so an opening is one of the most important things for an anime and they nailed this 1 ;)

what i am currently interested in is probly how will the artstyle
of the fight in clear sky sect be

the expedition to capture xiaowu how will the combat artstyle be
or reather will it look good or bad in the anime i am really intrested to
see that

besides those 2 events idc too much and am probly waiting for the anime version of the Sea God Island Arc which would blow everyones mind
if they make an anime version of that arc :O i am hyped hope all of u are also hyped there isnt too much to talk about in this season
but there are gonna be like 3 or 4 big events that come to happen

cough sword saint will reach rank93 douluo

What i like about the anime : well i follow the webtoons / read the novels and i am intrested in the whole story on how tang-san becomes OP

what i dislike about the anime : probly how some characters in the anime are miles apart in looks of the manga which is very upsetting the biggest failiure of a character in the anime is hands down Zhao Wuji in the anime he looks like an OP tiny dwarf but in the manga / webtoon he is wayyyyy taller and look more intimidating and badass xD in the anime he looks like a miget lol ``no offence to real migets`` but its just really sad to see him like that
in the anime compared to how awsome he actually is in the manga