Sep 20, 2020
RachmaninOFF6 (All reviews)
Story: 3

The alchemist part is good, you start thinking you will presence a great story, but it's just your average history. Basically it focuses around the fighting thing almost all the time, and really nothing happens that will make your interest awake. At least, the story has coherence, and it's nothing that will make you think things like "wtf?" or other kind of thoughts what come to your mind when you see an anime that doesn't make sense or has story lacking. So 3-4 it's more than enough for it.

Art: 7

Good art. Haven't seen anything bad, the colors, drawings and animations (along some bit of 3d) are very nice, nothing more to see here.

Sound: 8

Pretty good sound. I liked the music, and for me it was the best here. The voice actors did a good job and so the other sound.

Character: 2

The characters basically are nothing that attracts you. They're not even at average level. There's nothing that makes you identify with them or anything about them. It's just nothing, not even any original thing there. Very poor, but i've seen worse.

Enjoyment: 2

I didn't enjoy this movie. I basically watched most of it while playing Dokkan Battle on my phone. I've lost nothing. In fact, i've dropped at 1 h 30 because eventhough lasts almost 2 h, the last 20-30 min weren't even something that called me. 0 comedy, 0 drama, 0 ecchi, 0 psycologic/horror, 0 things that you will enjoy, but again, i've seen worse.

4+7+8+2+2/5= 22/5 = 4.-

Overall is a 4-5 movie. Average movie. Something that you might watch if you have nothing to do, but nothing that even deserves to be watched when having a lot more things to do or animes to watch like it's my case (some big like FMAB, Steins Gate, etc... waiting damn).

My own opinion is that it's a bad movie, because when you're at 1 hour of watching it you feel like nothing has really happened, and when you're about to end it, you still haven't feel anything that keeps you moving on to watch it.

I highly recommend not to watch this movie, it's a lose of time, but if you have 2 hours to spare and like fantasy-action things and some moe stuff, you might enjoy it (or not).