Sep 16, 2020
Arte (Anime) add (All reviews)
Golden1958 (All reviews)
This anime is probably one of the best series on 2020 it tells about the importance of tolerance and respect about people even when they are a noble or some poor people like begger that always asking for some help i love the art topics and concepts it teaches us that we could be anything that we want with our hope and dreams with passionate even when people doesn't support u or even hating on ur idea and thats why we shouldn't give up becauss it'll be all worth it in the end
Story:i would say the starting of this series is pretty great it all start from a girl name arte who wants to be an artist but her mother doesn't believe that she could continue her journey becauss a woman only could be a nun or getting married by a noble family untill the last episode after all the hardwork that artes put to make the draw that she made finally her mom understand that all training and studying that arte given from her education finally making her realize that artes true dream is being an artist
Soundtrack:its pretty peaceful song for the ost and the ending u could feel some comfortable feelings while listening to the songs
Characters:the variety of the characters makes this anime unique like the cold artist leo silly but serious arte passionate yuri and all other supporters characters on this series
Overall:i really enjoy this series and giving it big reccomendation for anyone who interested in art anime