Sep 16, 2020
lanzel-senpai (All reviews)
Im in the mood nowadays to try genre of anime that is not really my type and one of these genres is the musiclal ( idol and moe stuff). I have a low expectation for this anime because of its episode 1 but fortunately i didn't drop it immediately because later episodes become more livelier and funnier because of the other cast specially the Ashley+Lavie. Well as for the story of this anime it is the result of mixture of fantasy+idol anime. It is an idol anime set in a setting wherein girls who aspire to become a witch will have to attend this academy and raise their points and their ranking. To do that you have to form a group to help each other raise points. The animation and music in the anime is good, the good thing about the 1st episode is the good singing voice of our main girl Tiara. Her voice really captivates my heart in the scene although i was really bored for the first episode. Then every other episode other groups and character will be introduced. They have their own unique theme and vibe to look forward to. Overall all it is a decent idol anime, having a mediocre plotline but entertaining cast so I was entertained so far by this anime. For waifu? Im still choosing XD But it is worth it to watch? Yes it is! If you're looking a mixture of fantasy and idols with good funny scenes you must try this one. I'll give it a 7/10