Sep 16, 2020
SwiftlyMe (All reviews)
Honestly, season one was pretty decent ngl, could have lived without this trashcan of a season two all it did was make me confused and hurt me and everyone else around me. Before this anime I was living a normal life with my wife and 3 children, after this anime, my wife shot me and everyone in the family and she said "I am restoring the minimum abilities" then I came back to life because I had my dead son's brother's heart smile.

If you do want to watch this anime on a serious note, I recommend getting drunk as fuck and making sure you are so high that you already know you are about to go for a trip so the animation and transitions won't bother you as much as they did me.

Half the time whenever they decided to go into a flashback I thought i was having a flashback of the war, Vietnam was probably more worth my time then this anime, at least I would have everlasting PTSD that would be less severe than the PTSD that I have from watching this absolutely glorious dumpster fire.

And finally, if you are going to watch this anime, don't smile.