Sep 13, 2020
Average_Tami (All reviews)
Asobi Asobase is one of those anime that you watch it easily becomes one of your top anime's. The best way to describe this is like the opening and ending. It may look super sweet and girly from the start but it's got crazy elements, and the comedy top notch.
This anime exceeds my expectations of any comedy. It is so funny my face started to hurt after one episode because I was just constantly smiling or laughing.
The sound effects and voice actors coupled with the characters personalities was freaking perfection. They did such a great job it just made this even funnier.
The art style is something I really enjoyed because it would be a normal anime then it would be like mob psycho style with all the heavy lines, or exaggerated features.
I don't think there was too much of a story, it was mostly just a school of life kinda thing, we saw them become friends and what not.
Overall 10/10 perfection! *chef's kiss* I've re-watched this dozens of times for a good laugh.