Sep 13, 2020
Dadadadan (All reviews)
I don't know how many people enjoyed watching this, but I would say this show is not worth watching (although I am not saying you shouldn't watch it. The show itself wasn't unbearable to watch).

The story wasn't good but was decent. I liked the idea of this anime, especially about the dolls. It's not something that you cannot understand or keep up with, but the story was poorly structured, therefore you kind of get lost sometimes. I also felt story weren't as engaging so I can watch the anime, but couldn't really enjoy it. The let down was the last episode, where so many new things just came up and I just stopped thinking about what was happening. Like seriously? Why would you put new stuff at the end? Just to leave people with confusion? I feel like this entire anime was a prologue and I haven't reached the main bit of the anime.

Was ok.

Didn't like the op, but that might be just because of my taste. BGM didn't really bother me so I am guessing that it all suited the scenes.

There's just too much going on with the character settings, especially at the end. It makes it hard for me to keep up with the story. And let me say one thing, although it might be a spoiler. Where is Raff gone? Well, it was fine for me cause I didn't really like that character. Although at the start of the anime good side and the bad side was stated, later on, shows that we cannot label these characters only with good or bad through their positions, but we can only see characters one by one and understand them, so I kind of did like that.

Not a total rubbish but not one awesome piece to watch. Decent anime. Couldn't engage as much with this anime, but was an ok show to watch. If you have nothing to watch, maybe watch it. If you really want to enjoy it, you might have to go read the manga after the anime since the last episode.