Sep 13, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Well, that was certainly better than expected. While I can't say that the first impression of many was wrong - another anime for female audience with focus on bishounens, it's better than most of similar titles. There isn't too much focus on a fanservice and as a pleasant surprise it does actually have a story. Not a story I would call great, but certainly not a story I would call bad either.

The characters indeed have personalities beyond just being a pretty face, so right from the start there's one of the biggest flaws of bishounen-focused anime gone. Considering that even I who's not even close to the target audience enjoyed this series to an extent, I'd say it did a pretty good job within its genre.

The animation isn't exactly unique and it's visually the weakest work by TROYCA so far. That said it's still an okay animation without any jarring defects or mistakes.

I can't say much about the music - if I heard only the sound, I wouldn't be able to distinguish it from other jpop boy bands. It didn't make me cringe so that's good enough for me as it's not my preferred genre. Fans of boybands will most likely enjoy the songs.

Overall, if you like male idols, there is a high chance you will like this anime. If you don't, you might give this a try anyway, keeping at least with the three episodes rule. While you might not love it, it might still turn out to be not so bad.
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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