Sep 9, 2020
PandaUwU (All reviews)
Doukyuusei is a short, shounen ai manga about two high school boys in their last year. It follows a romance between the two of them as they grow up, and sort out their feeling about their relationship and what it means to like another man.

The manga has a good story, as it focuses on the struggles of going into adulthood and “growing up.” There isn’t an overarching plot, as the story unfolds, with each chapter presenting a new situation for the characters to have to come to terms with. This isn’t done as well as you think it’d be, as the pacing is too fast. It throws you into the story and it and the situations are “resolved” in the same chapter. In addition, time passes a little too fast in the manga, as the next chapter features a much later date. It could’ve worked better if there were more chapters, covering the same amount of time.

The characters are extremely well done. As they deal with each situation, you feel them grow and develop as both individuals and as a couple. They learn to understand each other more and more each chapter and learn what they want to do with themselves/who they are. The chapters slowly give out more information about them, while allowing them to grow. The pacing for their character/relationship development paced well compared to the story.

The art style in Doukyuusei is unique compared to most other manga. It has an abstract style and it varies from what you would expect from most manga. It did look good, as it was slightly abstract and a little rough. Personally, I wasn’t the biggest fan of it, but it did grow on me as I kept reading.

Overall Doukyuusei is a nice and short read that is both “emotional,” and “wholesome.” It has a rushed, but nice story, well-written characters, and a unique art style.