Mar 31, 2011
imprezagc8 (All reviews)
Nyaa!!!! Alien kitty goodness. I just have to say that if an alien who had the form of a hot girl with kitty ears and a tail, I would question if she was real, or just cos-playing. Wouldn't you? If memory serves me right everyone just accepted her and was like "hey we are having a party want to join us?" WHAT?! The main humor is that since she is an alien she doesn't know what is considered normal on earth. So one of the first books that she reads is a book that was found under Kio's bed. I am just going to let you think about that.

I like how they emphasize the realness of the cat ears and tails. How they move and twitch. I thought that it was a nice little touch. Little details like that are honestly are what make certain anime better than others. You can't just throw a bunch of big boob girls together and make a good anime...... Well maybe you can, but that is besides the point. the point that I was trying to make. The point that I wanted to make is that I have watched a fair amount of anime, and when I see things that I can relate to other anime it puts a smile on my face. ^_^

Opening theme was too easy going sounding. It should have been a little more fast pace in my opinion. I say this because the main idea of this anime is the fight for earth, along with the love story on the side.

Okay I mean really?! Both Manami and Aoi are secret agents?! I mean how much more farfetched can you get. Fine I mean we are already taking about aliens why not go all the way. I may not have not liked the idea personally at first, but the way that both of the them get incorporated into the story line was very interesting.

OMG I love the robots! It was so funny because at one point they have numbers drawn on their foreheads since nobody can tell them apart. They can't talk so they communicate using a sign. All they have to do is turn the sign and the words on it changes. It's soo cool.
...But, not as cool as the gun that makes clothes disappear. I gave this anime a 7 since I thought that the story line was something new for me and I enjoyed it. New things are always good.
It may not be new to you but it was a new experience for me.