Sep 8, 2020
Dodo_Hrupicki (All reviews)
Little Witch Academia is one of that anime that you finish and realise that it is one of the most 7.5/10 anime ever. But if you are like me and just fall in love with the characters, setting, art style, themes or anything else really and just feel like you need more, than this manga is for you. This 3 volume manga covers some of anime's most important first 12 episodes (Ep.1 - Starting Over / A New Beginning, ep. 5 - Pact of the Dragon / Luna Nova and the White Dragon, ep. 6 - The Fountain / The Fountain of Polaris etc.) What makes this manga great is the fact that all other chapters are manga original. They introduce new characters, stories, creatures, while staying true to the themes of the original anime. Single greatest thing that manga does is that it provides us with the backstories and character development for most of the characters, especially the ones that didn't get time to shine before, characters like Jasminka Antonenko, Barbara Parker etc. Art style is absolutely phenomenal, it is very Trigger-esk, with it's unique turn on it to stand out. Keisuke Sato's art is clean and full of life. Personally, I would advise you to watch anime first, then read the manga. Sadly the manga only has 3 volumes and ending that makes you want more. Anime's ending was pretty similar in the way that it didn't have end to the story, more like just an end to the part of a larger story. My advice is that you watch anime and then read the manga for better understanding and because it's fun to compare the two. The reason why this manga is personally my favourite piece of LWA content is because of just how much it managed to accomplish in only 3 volumes.

In the summary, go and watch the anime first, then decide if you like it enough to give this manga a go. If you end up liking or even loving the anime, then this manga will give you even more LWA goodness and it will make me happy to know that I convinced someone out there to check out one of my favourite series.