Sep 7, 2020
mmchan (All reviews)
This manga is weirdly good. I initially thought it would be a quick “MC gets with the hot guy” situation, but no I was completely wrong. Koimonogatari is a slow-burn story of acceptance, friendship and romance, and does all three very well. I rarely give such high scores to manga, but I binged it in one day and immediately reread it, wanting more. However short the manga is, however little chapters are out now, somehow the story stays with you. I really love the wholesome friendship between the characters, but I also love the little moments of fluff or bait the manga throws us. It’s a really cute manga.

Some thoughts and nitpicks: the art really changes to a more appealing mainstream style when it changes from the tankoubon to the magazine serialisation, in a good way I guess. Along with the art, the manga is slowly inching towards a typical shoujo/shounen ai towards the end, incorporating some minor tropes (which personally I like, but its up to you).

I like this manga so much I placed it in my favourites after reading it, even though there’s only 21 chapters out… that’s how much it spoke to me.