Mar 30, 2011
AquaHaze (All reviews)
Out of all the anime I watched this season I would probably say Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? is one of the stronger series. The reason I decided to give the series a try is because the picture caught my attention when I was selecting anime to watch. However I'm glad that I decided to watch this series

The first half of the series doesn't really follow much of a story, instead we are given some gut busting comedy to pass the time. The comedy did actually get me to laugh a lot and I would've had no problem if the series kept going like this, but in the second half of the series a plot started to unfold. After the plot was revealed, the amount of jokes in each episode dropped to advance the more serious plot. There was still some comedy during the second half of the series and the jokes were still funny when they came around though.

The plot itself wasn't actually bad. Sometimes the plot did feel rushed because they tried to fit it in the end, and there were some plot holes. I think it would've been better if they either made the plot a bit longer to let it develop more or just taken it out entirely. It's not the best plot out there but it is interesting nonetheless and it is certainly better than some of the other plots in series that aired this season. Also putting together a good plot with gut busting comedy isn't exactly the easiest thing to do, so I think the series did a respectable job with the plot

The art is actually very good, I like the character designs and the backgrounds were okay too. The animation during the opening was awesome and you could really tell the mood by the art. I have no complaints here.

The sound was alright, I enjoyed listening to the opening and ending and the voice actors did a solid job with their character. However nothing really attached to me here.

When I first saw the opening and saw the different characters that were going to be in this series I thought to myself, this seems to be a strange combination of characters. However the characters were done really well. Our main protagonist, Ayumu is a zombie is probably one of the better protagonists I've seen mainly because he's not weak like a lot of normal Harem leads. That already is a plus and he also seems know how to act in tight situations. We also have a very adorable female lead, Eucliwood (Eu for short) who undergoes the most development and also doesn't talk, instead she writes on a notepad. She doesn't show her emotions much but as the series goes on she begins to open up to the main protagonist.

The other characters are also very likable. They don't seem to undergo much development but that's just really asking for too much from a series like this. We have a tsundere Mahou Shoujo and 2 other Vampire Ninjas. They do have traits of harem stereotypes but they also have qualities that makes each one of them unique.

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? is really an enjoyable series, I couldn't count the amount of times that I laughed. Add in very lovable characters and we have ourselves a very entertaining series. If you want a good laugh I would recommend watching this

Overall Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? was one of the better series of the season and although the quality of it did dip slightly toward the end I still found the series to be very good. I give it a 8/10.

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