Sep 4, 2020
Thicc_Is_Life (All reviews)
Kyonyuu Princess Saimin is a series set in a fantasy setting where the MC has a hypnosis ability and uses it on the three main female characters, Tamanna the Queen, Saphina the Princess and Farasha the First Princess who's also a knight-type. With it he engages with all three of them, sometimes two at the same time in different scenarios. Bit of a warning if you're going in, there's one NTR scene per episode, but it goes away afterwards and isn't the focus of the show.

Considering Bunnywalker's track record of mom+two daughters series, hypnosis series, it was probably only a matter of time until we got one that combines both in the fantasy setting. There's another character, but she gets one scene and it's not a long one at that, so really it boils down to those three female leads.

With the Bunnywalker name you can expect great animation and sex scenes. Episode 1 has a lot of oral scenes and there's variety in techniques each female lead uses, with the Queen being the most skilled and Farasha barely managing, with Saphina in the middle doing a decent job. The other sex scenes in this episode are great if not a bit short. Episode 2 doesn't have oral but does give a Saphina scene, followed by 2 more Farasha scenes and ends with all three of them wearing their different costumes. The other character from episode 1 does not make an appearance here however.

If you want your fill of fantasy themed hypnosis and some good animation as the icing on the cake, this series will definitely leave you satisfied.