Mar 30, 2011
8thSin (All reviews)
'Tegamibachi REVERSE' continues from first season's cliffhanger ending, as Lag Seeing and Niche continues their search for Gauche Suede.

There are still things from last season still present that makes this series unique and enjoyable to watch. The atmosphere in this series is absolutely phenomenal. We are completely immersed into the distinct world in "Tegamibachi", in the constant darkness shined only by the faint light of artificial sun, and the desolate landscapes between towns. Character design was also wonderful, the unique Letter Bee uniform, the cute designs for kids, and the cool (almost bishounen) looks of the adult Letter Bees. Other than the Gaichuu still looking like video game rendered, this series is pure visual pleasure to watch.

However, 'REVERSE' still has many flaws evident in the previous season. Lag Seeing is still a crybaby who cries EVERY single episode. There are extremely poorly made fillers (although far fewer in numbers). The ability to see memory of others is shameless abused as a deliberate plot device, as Seeing and others continue to use their abilities to invade personal privacy. Characters' actions or motivations not making any sense, and even plot holes such as knowing things a character was never told about. Horrible, horrible character and location naming sense ("Lag Seeing"? "Jinro"? "Blue Notes Blues" (wtf?)) And of course, the highly predictable nature of the story itself that was a constant loop of melodrama. The ending lacked resolution, and much of the mystery about the 'Tegamibachi' universe and Akatsuki remain unexplained.

Lag Seeing's voice is clearly female as usual and quite annoying at times, but I'm used to it by now. Everyone else's voices are near perfect matches, quite smooth and emotional when needed. BGM sounded very generic as last season, used in all the right places, but just lacks something that moves your heart. Both OP/ED were of very poor quality, not particularly fitting well with the series, nor as catchy as ones from the first season.

Two seasons of 'Tegamibachi' were very disappointing because it had so much potential. The premise was so unique and had so many possible developments built in, but the story and characters were simply incapable of reaching their full potential. Lag Seeing's character remained a crybaby to the end, the use of their abilities too corny, and pacing was absolutely horrible and seemed to drag on forever. It also gave me the impression of the characters saying and doing same thing over and over. The story was so horribly written near the end that it was almost insulting.

The theme of this anime was delivering thoughts and feelings, but it had failed to reach my heart.