Sep 2, 2020
Mister_Roshi (All reviews)
"Aniki no Yome-san nara" is a pretty straight forward hentai about a brother-in-law sleeping with his brother's wives to satisfy them. While the story has some potential despite being pretty generic, it falls short due to bad pacing and no development. Would have been much better if they spaced it out a little and let the characters either build some kind of lust for each other or at least show the wives being unsatisfied be shown some. However, compare to a lot of other hentai, at least there is some sort of plot that is easy to follow.

The art, probably the biggest weakness in this hentai, isn't very good. The character design is pretty solid and the girls look pretty sexy too, but the execution was really poor. The art quality is rough and look blob like with little details occasionally through out the episode. The animation is also pretty bad and reminds of some mediocre flash quality, something you would hope to never see in a hentai with a decent budget.

The sound is just mediocre, solid VA, sfx, and music, but its nothing to really make a note about.

Overall, I found this mildly enjoyable and could see some other people enjoying it as it does somethings well and while the art is bad it can be overlooked and enjoyed still. It is heavily in the cheating and blackmail niche though, so if you're not into those then this one to avoid.