Sep 1, 2020
Ashed_13 (All reviews)
To preface the manga this is really nothing new at all.It uses a multitude of cliches without really making too many attempts at being original and I will be the first to admit that.While I do say that the manga does not take many risks it works for me.

The story is baseline common.There's this guy who was two childhood friends.One being an Idol while the other is a Gal.He likes the younger Idol sister but has grown apart from the two.The girls like him back but hide this fact.It's a very common premise that has been used a multitude of times sure but it takes a unique take on the aforementioned premise.The writer utilizes the false relationship trope in a way very reminiscent of Nisekoi which is partially why I enjoy this manga so much.The story goes on with our self-insert mc going on a "date" with the younger sister that disguises her self as the older twin so that she doesn't cause a scandal.The two get found out by some of their classmates and their pictures get leaked among the class.This forces the older sister and the mc into a false relationship so that the younger sisters Idol career that she has built up for so long does not fall apart.We go through the common tropes of study sessions,peer pressure and so on so forth.Nothing spectacular but in my opinion the pacing is incredible.The mangaka has somehow jam packed so much content into single chapters that don't take too long to read but feel like an entire episode or two of an anime in its content.Often when a writer puts in that much content the pacing can feel a bit rushed but that wasn't the case here.We are led through these events in a unique pace that keeps you enthralled constantly waiting for what comes next.

The art is not really something we have never seen before either but it is done well.The lines are clean and clear and the characters well drawn.The designs don't lean on prerequisites much,giving each character their own flair.The facial expressions are beautifully drawn and get their point across well enough.This is true for especially the sisters and can be seen in the many faces of the older sister who has for the first few chapters been given the spotlight.The backgrounds are not in most panels but are there when they need to be.

As the story has not progressed much it only having been a few chapters in there is not too much to go off of.The two sisters are very unique and set apart from the crowd.The older sister has had feelings for the mc since he was a child due to reasons that I shall not highlight as they may be considered major spoilers in a sense.We know that the younger Idol also likes the brother but the reason for doing so has not been revealed.The reason behind the mc's crush still hasn;t been revealed but I have high hopes so far.The characters are like able and work well together.While the fake couple carries a bundle of awkwardness around with them it feels very natural in terms of execution.

The manga up to this point has been very enjoyable.The jokes funny and the awkward chemistry between the characters very endearing.The story was average but extremely well paced keeping hooked from the beginning.There has not been a moment so far that has felt dull to me.

This manga may be a bit of a guilty pleasure read due to its.....well stark similarity to series such as Nisekoi and 5toubun.While I can understand remarks calling it unoriginal i do still believe this warrants itself a read as a feel-good read at the very least.In the absolute minimum the character interactions,art and pacing will not disappoint.