Aug 31, 2020
Vi-h (All reviews)
Even though I know we shouldn´t take mean scores 100% for real, I am probably writing this review exactly due to the currently mean score of this hentai, how you should not be biased to skip it due to its low mean score, and how you should at least check it out with you own eyes.


STORY: I think that this hentai has a simple yet acceptable story for a hentai:

A time ago, a veteran Mahou Shoujo sealed an important "bad" monster, but now he´s being unsealed, and that is when our current Mahou Shoujos will try to prevent that. However.....

Sure, randomness might occur throughout the hentai, but I sincerely think that this is a positive aspect in this hentai, specifically.


THE ART AND ANIMATION: were fine -simple- with a few oscillations in its fluidity, for better.
There are way better art and animation out there, more detailed. But there are also worse out there.
So, in short, it was a fine art and animation, even though in deep I was always thinking "if it only they were a bit better..." Hehe~

SOUND: didn´t catch my attention in special, so I guess it was either fine or good enough.

CHARACTERS: Monter-kun: he´s like a big slime: a human body and head with a big cyclope´s eye on the middle of it. He has no mouth, so he don´t talk - thank goodness haha xD and his members are tentacles. He´s basically a big living sex toy xD
There is this monter girl (if I could categorized her as that) with a yandere-like personality, trying to unseale monster-kun;
and our Mahou Shoujos-chan, fighting for the good (or at least trying lol).

ENJOYMENT: I did really enjoy.

TAGS: If you have read this review, you have probably guessed some of the tags, but I will list the most relevant ones. THERE ARE RARE SEEN TAGS HERE, SO IF YOU WANT TO SEE THEM WITH YOUR OWN EYES STOP READING FROM NOW ON SO YOU WONT GET SPOILED. Here I go:

- Mahou Shoujos
- Semi-lolis (I couldn´t think in anything else to represent that xD Though I think you got what I mean here)
- Tentacles/Monster
- Rape
- Mindbreak/Corruption
- Yuri
- Ahegao
- Trap and Gender Bender (Yes! these two here are the stars of this hentai because it´s something very rare to see in h-animes)

- Incest (Whether it´s blood related or not, we don´t know)
- Pregnancy

- Old/Fat man and NTR (it´s so irrelevant that I don´t even think it was even worth mentioning, still, there it is).

PS.: I think it´s nice to point out that, despite some of those negative tags and the dark theme, this h-anime does not conveys you that depressive or hard feelings as many others out there do. It´s good how it quickly shows how you should not take it for seriously and just enjoy at ease what it has to offer =^.~=