Mar 29, 2011
painappurut (All reviews)
It took me a while to start reading this just because I didn't think I would find it interesting. If there is an anime version made of the manga, I usually like to watch it before reading the manga, but as the anime seemed a bit dull, I forgot all about it. However, last month I found myself without a manga to read and I got a hold of Fushigi Yuugi volume 1. As there was nothing better to do I decided to give it a try.

I didn't get captivated at first, it took me about a week to read the first volume but then it got me! This manga was seriously great! I haven't read any other story that captivated me this much and how I loved the characters! I love how the story and characters grow and some of the plot twists were so surprising that they left my mouth hanging open. And one more thing, I laughed so hard! I absolutely loved the humor! I can recommend this story with all my heart. And no, I haven't read the whole series( with the added volumes) and I probably never will.

"Tiger! What should I do?! What should I do?! Oh yeah! Play dead! No wait, that's what you do when you run into bears and boring boys! Pantomine! I am a tree in body and mind! It's not working!"