Aug 29, 2020
tony1982sc2 (All reviews)
Ok is hard to start a new story and this show makes a great job at this matter. I've read a ton of comments, but I want Yuuiji to come back, and the waifus were better on the Fruit of Grisaia and BabyRage, that story is ended, it has a good ending, good closure and nothing wrong on that matter so, if you are going to be damn crybaby just grow up. I understand the feeling but it's not bad to switch things a bit after something is ended, better than just continue with random plots which makes no sense.

It's hard to connect with the charactters in one hour and half, but this show makes a great job on presenting the different characters that are going to be for the next season, hope it's seasons actually, which is comming soon, and making a bit of cameo with Kazuki (Thanatos) which is the nexus between the old characters and the new ones and makes things a bit easier. I think the characters have a lot of potential.

Great start for the show.