Aug 28, 2020
abystoma2 (All reviews)
"Sweat and tears and saliva and semen" - those were among the first sentences that popped up when I opened this manga. It was at this moment I knew this wasn't going to be an enjoyable experience.

Sabita Yoru demo Koi wa Sasayaku is porn. There might be more non-explicit scenes than the explicit ones but it is still porn. So we have porn and yaoi, both of which are genres known for poor writing. Combined we get this.

The story is expectedly simple. It could be summarized as "dude is getting beaten by his bf, later breaks up with this bf, finds a new bf and immediately fuck the new bf". I'm not even really omitting anything and unless you're here for the porn parts reading this summary will gave you approximately the same amount of story worth as would reading the whole manga. What's worse is that the abuse here isn't portrayed here as a serious story element, as something to build an interesting story around. No, it's here just as a fetish material. So unless you're into gay abuse it's just disgusting. Even disrespectful to actual victims I'd say. The manga doesn't even really try to portray the abuser as a bad guy, he just "took the wrong direction with how to express his love" is what the manga seems to say. And what was even the point of the manga? The mistake would be expecting this to have any other point other than the gay sex and the "foreplay" before it.

The characters are practically non-existent beyond being template bishounen BL characters - the abusiveness of the ex boyfriend is all of the character traits in this manga. Visually it's all stock characters too, especially the two boyfriends who look almost as the same person just with kept or unkept hair- to the point when it confused me at one point when I actually did not recognize them apart.

Overall, it's cringe but fujos with low standards (that's a bit of pleonasm isn't it) will most likely love it.