Aug 27, 2020
Preliminary (111/? chp)
In Another World With My, Smartphone gives off a generic isekai vibe from the title itself, which puts people off. But I feel that the title is the weakest part of the light novel.

The series presents us with the main character dying and being sent to a new fantasy world which is very generic for the isekai genre. But it is Touya's actions and the events that happen around him that show the character naturally learning about the world around him. Which helps to show a natural world development.

Touya's actions are what makes the story so enjoyable. His use of dirty handed tactics in battle help to define him as a character and helps to further engross the reader into wanting to read more. Which was the main driving force for my enjoyment with this series. This helps to further humanize the main character. Another drive for enjoyment was his reference to entertainment from Earth. Which helps to humanize him and make him more relatable.

The other 9 main characters that you meet along the way at first deceive you into thinking they are generic one-sided characters. For example, Elze at first is presented to be the generic tsundere of the group but as the story continues you see that she is just a tomboy who is shy about her emotions but when confronted with her emotions still shows them. Rather than the generic tsundere that hides her emotions and never accepts them and shows them. Which gave me more enjoyment because rather than having to go through the tropes that usually come with a tsundere you get someone who you can relate to. This combined with the comical dirty handed tactics gives the series a sense of parody on the isekai genre.

Overall, the series is an enjoyable read for those who like a harem based isekai that slightly parodies the genre. The author uses the baseline of the generic isekai and introduces a drastic change from the generic after a few volumes which help to change up the pace and explore different genres rather than sticking to the generic isekai model of going to complete mission after mission.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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