Mar 27, 2011
biglollipop (All reviews)
Well, this anime started out nicely, and as it progresses the story became rather dramatic.

Ironically, towards the end, Momo was rather annoying and selfish in my opinion, despite her being the most pitiful character to start with.

In my opinion, there's a moral to this anime, and that is you gotta be patient! Momo in my opinion was the cause for the commotion towards the end, this is because she was way too indecisive about her feelings. She was hurt by Touji and so decided to give Kairi a chance. It was all cute and sweet when ti started, but things changed after Momo found out about Misao, and from then on i thought she was rather pushy and selfish in the fact that she likes to judge before knowing!

Momo becamse extremely selfish and unbearable for me to keep watching, just because Kairi was abit late for the meeting she decided not to wait anymore and left because she thought he was putting Misao first before her without knowing the story! And slept with Touji her old flame, and the relationship sparks once again between the two. This was pure annoying because she was too self-centered.

The one scene in which I'd thought was a good and meaningful was when, Touji and Momo decided to go on a trip together in which Momo supposedly came late, and thought that Touji has left her, in which he didn't, and for that instance a message came to my mind, and that was Touji was patient! and he waited for her, and he listened to her reason, he said that''there was still half a day left'' this to me was like a BIG MORAL in the whole anime. What Momo failed to do was, think straight waited and listened, she refused to wait any longer thinking he was wrong for her!

I really thought Sae was much better for Kairi at the end because Momo character changed!

But that is just my opinion = )