Mar 25, 2011
Nasty001 (All reviews)
How should I say this.................Ok so I've just completed viewing this anime whose episodes only run for about 15mins. I'd say that the slice of life it projects is all too common, which the common lesson is that everyone uses someone to gain the advantage. True co'z it really does happen in real life especially in showbiz. Sure the girls already knew that the muchacho (the male lead) is the lead screenwriter thanks to one very curious rumor monger. They started to do their best to seduce or trick the muchacho to give them more prominent roles and as usual some body can't keep her trap shut to which the muchacho finds out about it and muchacho get's furious and get's even, despite of it all, in the end, it has a happy but blunt ending. To which I wonder if the chicas (Female leads) really do have feelings for the muchacho as describe by info? Well, since I did mentioned a happy but blunt ending, because the muchacho get's to write a season 2 of the show and upon hearing it the chicas (female cast) started to swarm the muchacho, the good thing though is that they're bluntly honest and demanding as well.

Art: I'll just give it an 8, don't ask.

Sound: I give an 8 for the ending theme.

And the rest my friends are just mediocre, the characters are your typical fan-service things and for enjoyment, well, definitely not for kids, but if you're a grown up who's just up for some fan-service thing then this is for you. Overall, just your typical fan-service anime. The End.