Aug 20, 2020
merope28 (All reviews)
There has been more romance manga coming out with hearing impaired people. This is one of the few that are like that but with cute romance and compatibility between the leads!

The story focuses on the love that blossoms between a popular boy, Itsuomi and a cute girl, Yuki (who is hearing impaired).

Yuki's world changes as she interacts and falls in love with Itsuomi who shows her a different world than she had been in before. Both their worlds change as they learn and experience new things through each other's worlds.

This is one of the few romance manga that I don't find cliche and is well paced. I believe that with its current pace and interactions between the characters, readers will enjoy the story to its fullest.

Also, NO SECOND MALE LEAD SYNDROME SO IM ALL FOR IT (the childhood friend is amazing but he ain't even a competition tbh)

Story: 9/10