Aug 19, 2020
doomsday_clock (All reviews)
The manga keeps a very well balance between the romance part nd the psychological part of the story . its praiseworthy how author manages to fit simple cliche but wholesome romance materials into this serious setup that deals with mental illness .The story goes into enough depth to make u feel empathetic for people with mental disorder by taking u through some day to daylife inconveniences that they face but still manages to keep room for some wholesome romcom scenes . i legit feel more sympathetic for people who deals with disorder after reading this manga . From suicidal thoughts to problems regarding communication with strangers , all these hardships faced by people with disorder has been really well depicted in this manga .

The 2 main characters r interdependent for Character growth. The author very skillfully brings them to life by using clever metaphor nd figure of speech in their conversation. Since both of them don't feel comfortable talking to outsiders, most of their Characters growth ND introduction occurs while they makes conversation with each other. But their conversation never gets boring coz rather than introducing their problems nd stories directly, the author often does it in an indirect manner so it's not so hard for the audience to stay engaged.
This manga has a decent amount of side characters nd they played their part really efficiently . The main role of these side characters was to highlight the behavioral changes that the main characters were going through . beside that , some of them had their own backstory too which adds depth to their personality nd makes them feel more realistic.

lets talk about the art now. tbh, i think its decent.but the poses of the characters sometimes fells stiff. i heard complains about anatomy but i don't think that's a big issue. i think more than accurate anatomy, this manga could really use some good gesture . what i mean is some scenes had poses which could be lot more dynamic nd it would make the event look more interesting nd eye catching. but its not like its a problem that appears in every pages. yet i m mentioning this issue explicitly coz this seems to b the only negative part of the manga (at least for me).

this is one is one of my most fav romance manga nd a very different one at that . i mostly read manga coz of art but art isnt this mangas strongest point but almost everything else is. If u ask me " why should I read it?" I will answer"coz its a relatively rare kind of romance manga that does a very good job at being what it wants to be" . I personally rate it 9/10. But honestly, rating isn't the most important thing here.
The manga shows how people with disorder has to face different kinda challenges in places where a normal human being might feel totally comfortable . But even after all those hardships, at the end of the day they r just as much human as u r, the person who is reading this right now . They deserve to love nd to b loved.