Aug 14, 2020
WaifuLuver (All reviews)
Bakegyamon is a standard card battle manga that elevates itself with fun monster designs with unique powers as well as interesting gimmicks for "games" in the Bakegyamon tournament that the manga is based around.

I highly recommend this to people who are already interested in card-battle manga/anime like Yu-Gi-Oh and to readers who are neutral on this style of manga.

The manga has some glaring flaws, the story fumbles slightly in the end (mostly in volume 5) with a rushed, kind-of generic and slightly confusing conclusion. A weakness of the manga is the characters, Sanshiro is kind of a generic shounen manga hero type with not too many other outstanding characters

The mangas strengths are the really energetic artwork and the cool monsters and how they are untilized. I would compare the artworks style to the style of Eiichiro Oda, while Tamura's artwork is now where near a technically proficient as Oda's the comparison I draw is that Oda and Tamura both elevate their manga pages with a sense of energy thats hard to describe. The monsters in the series are very fun to read and experience with each having unique designs and different powers and strengths and weaknesses (like the ogre monster being scared of heights) basically, the fights are fun to watch because of the monsters.

This manga is best suited for younger readers around 9-14 but older readers can enjoy this if they are okay with the more campy and "shounen-ey" tone of the story