Mar 21, 2011
Ambertsarina (All reviews)
The special episode or to be precise the OVA - The Self Introduction of Misaki, Usui, Manager, and the Three Idiots!! is a laugh gag if you have watched Maid sama!
STORY: nothing! its just the self introduction of the protagonist, misaki, usui satsuki (manager) and the 3 idiots! followed by a funny version of a scene in episode 2 after the school festival.Each one of the characters make a version of their own of the scene where misaki thanks usui and he pushes her to a tree. Misaki make a version of her own for a scene of episode 1.

If you a fan of Maid sama! and the characters, you will understand the jokes better!
Its nothing much Special, just a laugh riot of few Maid Sama gags!