Mar 21, 2011
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I am having trouble figuring out why Marginal Prince exists.

Marginal Prince is, and always will be, the first truly terrible anime I forced myself to sit through. I cannot say I regret this decision, because this is one of those anime that helps to remind me how awful most modern anime is, and forces me to appreciate the few anime that are actually worth anyone's time. Were I forced to suck any worth out of Marginal Prince, that would be the only thing I could come up with. What astounds me about this show is, at the time of writing this review, a total of 8 users has it Marginal Prince listed under their favorites. Not only does this shock me, but it only furthers my belief that terrible anime is far worse than any venereal disease or cancer.

I've always wondered the thought process behind making an anime based off of a dating sim game. Dating simulators are not well known for their story telling, and their anime counterparts are unfortunately no exception. Marginal Prince relies on stereotypical bishounen as it's selling point and, I suppose in some way, is successful in this regard. The boys are certainly pretty to look at, and their personalities remain true to their hair colors. In any case, there is no back story to Marginal Prince, or any consistent plot (save for the shared theme of Princes or some such), and the character interaction is so dull and predictable it's a wonder the production team bothered writing dialogue at all.

The main point that must, absolutely must, be touched on when it comes to Marginal Prince is the sound. The voice acting is simply average, no real selling points or any awful inconsistencies, but the music is something else. In every episode of Marginal Prince, ever true, one of the unearthly pretty men will burst out into song. If you are not prepared for this, it will be shocking, disrupting, and hilarious. There is nothing quite as awkward as a voice actor who is not very good at singing and believe me - no one is good at singing in Marginal Prince. This is the main thing to look out for in Marginal Prince. Once it becomes a musical, it will either be the selling point or the dropping point for the viewer. However, you should save yourself the trouble and avoid Marginal Prince altogether.