Aug 10, 2020
KonokoAsada (All reviews)
I rather tend to consider Infinite Burst movie not related to the series’ main story, as the characters- friends or foes- join their forces in order to protect the Burst Link world from an imminent new danger , while the purpose of the series is to get to the 10th level of Burst Link fighting the top level players (the 9th level kings). However, a big chunk of the movie covers the series recap. Well, that’s understandable, I thought to myself: while it’s difficult to develop the movie’s story without giving a background of the characters, their relations, and their world (especially as Infinite Burst it’s a lot about teamwork, alliances and Burst Link fights), it’s also not easy to summarize 24 episodes.

And things just can’t go smoothly, can they? With all the time given, the recap it’s more useful to those that have seen the series and that can fill up certain things cut out from the recap. For the rest it can be confusing. And because of the recap there is less available time for the movie’s story, which is why you may get the strange feeling that you have just joined a race ride and you can barely understand what’s happening around you because of the speed. Luckily the main idea of the movie is not that hard to get.

In my opinion there was a slight improvement in the characters’ relations by comparison with the series. For one thing their roles were better defined, which I find very important in a story where the main subject is something beyond the characters’ daily life. The team work is very nicely built up. The fights are intense and we also get to see in action all the kings (a thing that some of us have longed for during the series). However, I still find the couples unconvincing.

When I ended the series, it appeared to me that the black king’s team was barely shaping up. During Infinite Burst, after the recap, I had this feeling that a long time had passed (maybe years?) from the end of the series until the moment of Infinite Burst. The characters were so familiar with each other, even characters that I had no idea who they were (not in the series). It can be confusing, like having missed something, but this didn’t really mind me. I could imagine that the period of recruiting and bonding of the team was skipped and we got directly to the final result. What really bothered me was that cram of female characters. I felt this imbalance rather annoying.

Even though I was satisfied with the series animation, Infinite Burst’s animation was even better. I felt as if I was finally getting the ultimate satisfaction of a fighting game movie. The graphics were slightly improved too, I could tell. And so many Burst Linkers, some of them top level, showing so many different abilities, some of them quite astonishing (Sky Laker and Ardor Maiden were quite the surprise!)?! God that was a treat!

I can’t tell much about the soundtrack, though. As I usually do, I didn’t pay much attention to it, but I’m sure it had its contribution at trapping my mind into the spin of the story and making me feel part of an intense action movie (especially in the second part).

Overall, there’s something that I find quite interesting about the way Infinite Burst action was built: you start with one of the key characters of the movie’s story, but at low pace, then you go roughly through the series’ story where you can feel a rather higher pace which is mostly the effect of passing somewhat abruptly from one event to the other, from one character to the other (sort of a bumpy road, I’d say 😊) just to get back to the movie’s story at a fast pace and jammed with new characters. These changes of scenery, story, pace and characters in this exact order (which I described above) can really pump you up with adrenaline giving you that nice taste of what “accelerated world” experience might possibly feel like. I may be wrong, but I just can’t help seeing it that way too :D.