Aug 7, 2020
Misery_Gaming (All reviews)
Have you ever tried to read a doujin just to jerk off and forget about it, but instead it manages to capture your attention with an interesting and original premise that you decide to continue reading despite going soft? Oide yo! Mizuryuu Kei Land! is one of those mangas.

The story revolves around Mizuryuu Kei Land - an amusement park which theme's revolved around having sex. On the surface area, it's just an easy-to-insert-yourself-in premise, since you just pay to have sex in a socially acceptable way, but, as the story progress, you find yourself listening to the ideas' of the mangaka Mizuryuu Kei about sex education, social dynamics between men and women, having pleasure, etc.

The main idea which Mizuryuu Kei tries to promote is sex acceptance, such as:
- promoting sex as an activity which should be accepted and admired as something adherent to human nature rather than a testament of person's virtuousness for being able to suppress their sexual instincts
- gender expectations and roles in sex are way more diverse than simple "male - dominant, female - submissive"
- sexual education on children, allowing kids to have sex in a controlled environment with the necessary education and support from adults, therefore creating an environment for kids to sexually develop and have better mental health and sexual life in their adulthood

In a nutshell, Mizuryuu Kei removes stigma and prejudice which very present in current societies and tries to put it in a context of achieving as much utility and pleasure from sex as possible. It is common knowledge that people with constant and active sexual life (e.g. in a married couple) result in a lesser level of stress and mental disorders as well as having a greater level of happiness.

TL;DR Sex is good if it's done in a proper environment with proper preparations, training and knowledge resulting in increasing level of satisfaction in people's lives

At the time of this review, there're 8 chapters available + a few spinoffs chapters. If you are interested in the premise I described, you should give this manga a chance (if you just want to jerk off, that's also an option, sex scenes are indeed quite hot).