Aug 3, 2020
Kimi_no_Son (All reviews)
The MC is very likable. Change my mind.

Do you know any series where there's a harem full of beautiful women, and this lucky bastard is just dense and is annoying the hell out of you? Like with no other reason? Like they're just born to piss us off by being dense and petty?

Then my friend, the MC here is different. (Not as great as Yuuji from Grisaia nor Issei from High School DxD tho)

Anyways, the story follows a young boy with his group of valkyries-cute girls with superpowers. The twist is, they need to undergo some romance-thing before the girls power-up. In Norse mythology, there are 9 valkyries so obviously, there are 9 girls. And yes, all of them are well written. Btw, expect some norse mythology references so yeah, literature time.

The concept is actually impressive, as they made a convenient plot device to explain the supposed to be not explainable ecchi elements. And yes, it works

As I've flexed a while ago, the MC is well written. As first, you might get annoyed by his attitude, but as the story progresses, you'll come to sympathize and understand the MC for his action. Not to mention, his growth.

Most people would not take this manga seriously as this is another "Typical ecchi harem", and yes that's true, but this is my guilty pleasure anime. I know it's trash to others, but I enjoyed reading it even if people think of it as trash.

Critically speaking tho, yes, this is trash. But I'm a man of culture, who appreciates art, and I'm proud to say that this is a great read.