Aug 3, 2020
Kimi_no_Son (All reviews)
You want a group full of badass serial killer women? The one where they murder others while being extremely hot and sexy? The one where they have sex with a man then kill him afterwards in a gruesome way? The one where there are also lesbians and they go full yuri and make us some horny bastards?

Then welcome, intellectuals who have a great sense of culture.

Seriously tho, this manga is not for those who are sensitive to rapes, gruesome murder, and any kind of exaggerated violence.

To start, I would like to say that the author is very creative in making scenarios and building up the core elements in the story. The goal is clear, the setting is well setup, and the characters are not left aside (of course, except for the usual side characters whom we don't give a f*ck). The coolest thing in this manga is the knowledge of the author in serial killing (history lessons baby). However, for me, it falls short in making it more interesting that it should be. While I was reading, I would know who'll die, who'll get raped, who'll have sex, and worse, I'll be able to know exactly what will happen in the next chapter. I'm not sure why, but maybe because of the obvious hints or I'm used to this kind of story telling. I did't make the manga lose its worth tho, it only ruined my experience.

But I can promise that you'll have moments that you can't wait to turn to the next chapter, as I was not able to sleep just because I wanted to read up to the latest. It can make you hype, tbh

Personally, I'm quite disturbed on how the author made such beautiful and bright characters just to make them whores, but I guess I'm just a simp :<. These elements are essential to the story btw, you'll learn later on

To sum up, if you want a badass women and don't give a sh*t about sex and violence, then you might find this interesting