Aug 3, 2020
Kimi_no_Son (All reviews)
This is one of those stories where the MC is some kind of genius who tries to hide his abilities.

Well, in these stories, the MC has some kind of reasons why he wants to hide his intellect and live a normal life, and in this manga, the reason is quite simple.

The story follows a "Kakegurui" style of high school where gambling is the core system to survive. The interesting thing is that unlike those edgy-psychological gambling school, this has goofy and humorous take on this kind of genre. But don't worry, there are serious moments in some chapters that can easily surpass the mainstream gambling school conflicts. Think of it as a fresh take on
the gambling genre that you might like or dislike

If you want a psychological/comedy type of series, then this is for you

Note: If you are sensitive to incest, then I suggest you to turn away from this. Although it's taken as a joke or a plot device and there are no serious incest scenes. If you get easily triggered, then sorry, this ain't for you.