Mar 15, 2011
Inugirlz (All reviews)
Honestly what saved this anime to me was the end.

The person who should of died, actually die. I cried still, but i think i would've cried more if Koumei died. His fate would've been just to sad. Mind u, its still sad how he has to live now without Rikuson.

In all honesty tho i love bishies/shounen-ai/fantasy the way it was pieced together wasn't good.

The series was fun to watch and served as good entertainment but i found myself cringing from certain moments because of the other clicheness or plain stupidity shown by the characters.

Too much POINTLESS deaths, POINTLESS struggles and RETARDED characters (Ryuubi, like who the fuck makes everything flowers and burns down villages to do it?--worst ruler EVER)

None of the characters had common sense. They had no depth, they just looked pretty. Utter retards, seriously.

I'd also like to point out that i always liked Koumei, and from the beginning i knew he would end up misunderstood. That he was doing w/e he was doing for a greater cause.